B.a.p Pairnings Edit

Here is all name of B.A.P pairings but the is many more different name on different pairings.

The different pairings are more like good friends , best friends  or brothers.


B.a.p Pairing Made by

Bang YongGuk  PairingEdit

Bang YongGuk x Jongup = Bangup
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Bang YongGuk x Daehyun = Bangdae

Bang YongGuk x Himchan = Banghim

Bang YongGuk x Zelo = Bangzelo

Bang YongGuk x Youngjae = Bangjae

 Himchan PairingsEdit

Himchan x Yongguk = Banghim

Himchan x Jongup = Himup

Himchan x Zelo = Himlo

Himchan x Youngjae = Himjae

Himchan x Daehyun = Himdae

Daehyun PairingsEdit

Daehyun x Zelo = Daelo
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Daehyun x Youngjae = Daejae 

Daehyun x Jongup = Daeup

Youngjae PairingsEdit

Youngjae x  Jongup = Jongjae / Jaeup

 Youngjae x Zelo  = Jaelo

Jongup PairingsEdit

Jongup x Zelo = Jonglo